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The Benefits of Vinyl Flooring and Wood Flooring for Ascot Customers

Wood flooring and vinyl flooring are two of the most hardwearing surfaces currently on the market. Their ability to retain high performance when installed by professionals makes both a truly worthwhile investment for homeowners in Ascot. At our carpet showroom in Bagshot, our vinyl flooring, wood flooring and carpet fitters will be only too happy to discuss how our stylish and desirable product range can benefit your Ascot or Surrey home.

Vinyl Flooring Advantages

Easy to Clean – The low maintenance requirements of vinyl flooring make it particularly suitable for bathrooms and kitchens where stains, spills and marks are more likely to happen. By washing vinyl flooring with a mop, spills are easily wiped away. Durable finishes protect against fading, and modern vinyl flooring is also resistant to warping.


Great Looking – Compared with other types of surfaces, vinyl flooring fitted by our specialist vinyl and carpet fitters is guaranteed to look great for many years to come. From our carpet showroom straight to your Ascot home, this versatile floor covering comes in a vast range of designs, patterns and effects to provide a stunning and highly desirable finish.


Safety First – Nearly all vinyl flooring comes with a special anti-slip coating. This is especially welcome for those who are a bit unsteady on their feet or for those who have children. The surface of modern vinyl flooring undergoes vigorous testing for slip resistance, and will give all users that extra bit of safety around their Ascot or Surrey homes.

Wood Flooring Advantages

Stylish – All wood flooring is designed with one thing in mind – to add style, class and value to your Ascot property. Each piece is superbly crafted to lock beautifully together and create a visually appealing look for your home or workplace. Our carpet showroom has a wide range of wood flooring to choose from, with many popular lines always in stock.


Hardwearing – As you’d expect, wood flooring is extremely hardwearing and built to last. When it is installed by our specialist wood flooring and carpet fitters, you will often find that the surface will usually outlive your stay at the property. We have many clients in Ascot who have moved on to live in different properties after 15 to 20 years, but their original wood flooring still looks as good as it did on the day it was first fitted.


Hygienic – Carpets can harbour harmful parasites and as many asthma sufferers know, allergens which produce dust can make life pretty miserable at times. By fitting wood flooring, you can save yourself extreme discomfort and give yourself a healthier home life. Speak to one of the team at our carpet showroom in Bagshot to find out more about the many benefits wood flooring can offer to properties in Ascot and Surrey.

Vinyl flooring and wood flooring are available at competitive prices.

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